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To request a Facilities Management Work Order please dial extension 4-2900 (dial all five numbers). This is set up as a local number on the Morris Campus (no long distance charge). You do not need to dial “9” for an outside line as it’s set up as an extension.

What is the COMPASS System?

COMPASS is a software product specifically designed to manage customer requests and maintenance activities.

Why the COMPASS System?

COMPASS allows us to better serve our customers by improved tracking and scheduling of work orders as well as saving money through improved decision-making based on useful, easily accessible information. Some specific examples include:

  • Establishing systematic work flow processes for improved consistency and reporting.
  • Implementing a preventive maintenance program to reduce equipment breakdown.
  • Tracking labor hours to understand and address “high maintenance” equipment.
  • An enterprise wide platform allows for leveraging IT and business support resources (both internal and contractors) across all University of Minnesota campuses to apply where most effective.
  • An enterprise wide platform allows for leveraging computing resources (servers, licenses, networking, etc.) across all University of Minnesota campuses.
  • Opportunity to automate additional business processes in the future.

For Facilities Management personnel:

Facilities Management personnel must use Internet Explorer to access the COMPASS system. To log in to COMPASS, click on the compass image at the left or below. If you have any trouble with the COMPASS system please contact USIS Systems Support at 612-625-1830.

Maintenance Requests

From on campus dial 4-2900

Assistance or Information

Please contact:

Facilities Management
9 Camden Hall
600 E 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267-2132
Phone: 320-589-6100
Fax: 320-589-6158

Maintenance Request

Dial 4-2900

For Assistance or Information, please contact us:

Facilities Management

9 Camden Hall
600 E 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267-2131
Phone: 320-589-6100
Fax: 320-589-6158